Uganda police foils robbery at BoU Clinic at William Street

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Deputy Kampala police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire

Kampala, Uganda |URN | Uganda Police Force on Tuesday 22nd night foiled an armed robbery at a Bank of Uganda (BoU) clinic at William Street in Kampala.

It is reported that the thugs, armed with an AK47 and machetes raided the clinic and attempted to gain entry. However, they were repulsed after the security guard sounded an alarm.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said the security guard was conducting a foot night patrol when he saw two armed thugs trying to access the premises. The guard screamed and alerted the nearby police.

However, in the process according to Owoyesigyire, the thugs cut the security guard’s fingers off and he is currently receiving treatment at Case Clinic. “The thugs fired in the air but they did not enter. The police came in and also fired in the air. But the thugs took off after cutting the guard’s fingers,” Owoyesigyire said.

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By today morning, the police detectives at the scene of the crime officers were combing the scene as part of their investigations. At the scene, there were blood drops on the ground suspected to have come from the security guard whose fingers were cut by thugs.

Police were also trying to get Closed Circuit Television –CCTV footage from the offices and nearby building.