Floating water bike excites Jinja fishermen

Sam Kawoya, the team leader of Project X Innovators rides the water bicycle.

Jinja,  Uganda | URN | Fishermen at Rippon Falls along Lake Victoria in Jinja were excited by a floating bicycle which was launched by Project X Youth Innovators on Thursday 27th, August 2020 afternoon. 

Project X Youth Innovators is a team of six university graduates who devised means of earning income by introducing unique water transport devices within the country. This time around, they designed a bicycle with two light pipes at the sides which enable it to keep afloat along the lake. 

Sam Kawoya, the Project X team leader says that after graduating with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, they opted to implement the skills acquired in school other than seeking jobs. Kawoya adds that the bicycle travels at a speed of 1km/hr but they plan to modify it to run at a speed of 25 minutes per kilometre. 

Julius Diima, a fisherman says that the water bicycle is a unique feature which will earn them income mainly from tourists who usually visit the landing site to appreciate nature. He says this, newly introduced means of transport will ease transport on the lake.

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Adam Buyinza, one of the community members says that the innovators should modify the water bicycle to increase its’ speed on the water which will attract more water travellers to embrace it.

Lawrence Bwire, another fisherman says that the government agencies should interest themselves in such innovative projects to create employment for the youthful population.

But Martin Gakumba, the chairperson of Rippon Falls landing site says that the youth should venture into improved technologies which will enable them to create unique features that are easily marketable before the public.