President Museveni’s unfulfilled pledges upset family of former FRONASA fighter

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
President Museveni pledged to build a house for the family and Girls’ Boarding Secondary School for Atiak community.

Amuru, Uganda | URN | The family of Yakobo Oyet, a former freedom fighter of FRONASA in Atiak sub-county, Amuru district is upset over unfulfilled pledges made by President Yoweri Museveni.

Formed in 1971, the rebel outfit – Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) was a left-leaning militant group led by President Museveni that fought alongside Tanzanian forces against Idi Amin.

According to Oyet’s relatives who spoke to this publication, as a spy to then Museveni’s rebel group, Oyet was killed in 1974 by firing squad in public at the former Golf Course behind Acholi Inn Hotel in Gulu on orders of Amin.

The family also recounts that Amin’s soldiers accused Oyet for subversive activities of shielding an enemy of the state, feeding and allowing the rebels to train on his 1,500 acres of farmland in present-day Amuru district.

In 2008, two decades after capturing power, President Museveni pledged to build a house for the family and Girls’ Boarding Secondary School for Atiak community, restock Oyet’s looted farmland and give state scholarships to the grandchildren.

In 2016, when President Museveni visited Atiak sub-county, he reiterated on his promises. But James Acaye, the LC 1 of Pupwonya North village reveals that they offered a 10-acre piece of land for the school but nothing has materialized.

Nighty Lalodi, the chairperson school management committee of Pupwonya primary school wonders if the President has ever been reminded about his pending pledges he made to the community that supported his armed liberation struggle.

Yakobo Oyet’s grandchild Justus Tugume, says President Museveni made several promises including a tractor towards the rejuvenation of the devastated farmland and to improve on family’s livelihoods but none has been delivered.

According to Tugumu, the government has never recognized his grandfather despite hundreds of Ugandan’s who get a medal for their support towards President Museveni’s liberation struggle.

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Osborn Geoffrey Oceng, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Amuru says they will work out the mechanism of reminding the President over the pending pledges so the grievances of the concerned members are worked on.

At least 5,000 people across Uganda including six individuals from Acholi sub-region served FRONASA in different roles as fighters, spies, collaborators and coordinators. However, many of them have since died. However, their children and relatives are still seeking rewards from government.

Among some of the former revolutionaries in Acholi whose children and relatives are still seeking rewards from the President include late Amos Obwona in Atiak, Alpeo Bongomin in Pabbo – all Amuru, John Labeja in Awere in Pader and Lino Okoya in Omoro.