Termites destroy schools furniture in Amuru district ahead of reopening

Termites destroy schools furniture in Amuru district ahead of reopening
Termites eat through school furniture

Amuru, Uganda | URN | At least 1,970 desks in various schools in Amuru district have been destroyed by vandals and termites ahead of reopening in January 2022. This is part of the findings by the district education and technical departments.

The magnitude of destruction of the schools’ furniture includes damaged covers, seats and stands, which require replacement.

The assessments further indicate that 9,000 desks are in good condition in the 56 registered primary and secondary schools in the district.

Joyce Lanyero, the Amuru District Education Officer told this publication during an interview that the desks were eaten by termites, while some were destroyed by vandals neighboring the affected schools due to lack of lockable doors, guards, and perimeter fences.

She adds that with the expected enrollment of 41,163 learners who are expected to return to school, the education department is seeking an additional 1,500 desks to facilitate the physical distancing of the learners.

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Apollo Okello, the Amuru District Education Secretary explained that the district has allocated Shillings 450,000 for all the 51 government-aided primary schools and Shillings 600,000 for all the five government-aided secondary schools to facilitate the repairs of the broken and damaged furniture before school reopens.

He says that the same assessment also discovered that many schools are struggling to reopen due to broken water sources like boreholes, stolen lightning arresters, and damaged school properties such as toilets and roofs during the nearly two years of closure.

At Agwayugi primary school in Lamogi sub county, the headteacher William Alex Latim says that they are uncertain of reopening since the school has not received the capitation grant to facilitate its reopening.

He noted that in order to keep the school compound neat, the school is relying on support from Non-Governmental Organizations such as Save the Children for financial support, adding that the school is also seeking funding to repair a three classroom block whose roof was blown off by the strong wind.