Sex party organizers in Kireka well connected and armed, says residents

Tower Guest House where the Sex party was taking place in Kireka
Tower Guest House where the Be Mine Sex Party was taking place in Kireka

Wakiso, Uganda | URN | Residents of Kireka B, in Kira Municipality, say that sex parties, akin to the one in which at least 21 suspects were arrested over the weekend, were started by well connected and armed personnel, seeking sexual pleasures. 

The 21 people – mostly women were arrested during a police raid on a guesthouse (Tower Guest House) where the said party was taking place on Saturday night. The guesthouse is allegedly owned by one Asiimwe Swaziru, a businessman who operates from Wakiso and Mukono district.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that they got information about the party and planted informants to monitor and inform the police when the rare and illegal party would start. Towards midnight, he said, police were notified that the sex orgy had started.

Preliminary investigations have indicated that the party was organized by a one Anita Kayz, a socialite known for recruiting girls from several parts of the country and grooming them to participate in sex parties at a fee. The suspect is still on the run.

Wamono Badril, the area defense secretary says that the sex parties have been ongoing for some time, and only intensified during the lockdown. However, he adds, the local leaders failed to stop the parties because those involved were well connected and armed, yet the area police officers also feared jeopardising their jobs.

He noted that this could be the same reason why all the pictures from the said ‘Be Mine Sex Party’ are exposing only the girls, yet they were found in action with men, whose particulars have been deliberately concealed.

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Wamono adds that most of the female participants are commercial sex workers within Kireka. Others were reportedly transported from Kabalagala, Makerere and Kyambogo. He fears that even though part of the group was arrested, the parties will soon resume because the ring-leaders are connected.

Kasumba George, a resident of the same area explains that the guest house is always guarded heavily and cannot be accessed, except if one comes with a special code. Kasumba equally reaffirms that this was not a one-off event.