Pastors, followers task Ssenyonga to apologize for bad mouthing Yiga

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga
Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, the head of Christian Life Church in Bwaise has come under fire from some pastors and members of Christian Revival Church Kawaala for his utterances against their deceased Pastor Augustine Yiga alias Abizzaayo.

The group has condemned Ssenyonga for attacking the deceased and asked him to apologize to his family and church members. It all started on Tuesday when Ssenyonga convened a press conference shortly after Yiga’s death and condemned him as a false prophet who often took advantage of his female flock.

He also claimed that Yiga faked miracles, impregnated and infected many of his followers with HIV. There was tension between the two pastors who appeared to have been battling for supremacy. Onetime Yiga accused Ssenyonga of paying people to go to his church to show that he had a huge following.

However, Ssenyonga’s unkind comments about Yiga even after his death didn’t go down well with some pastors and his followers. They described his attack on the deceased as disrespectful and contrary to the African tradition as well as church laws.

Pastor Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Center who visited Christian Revival Church Kawaala to console Yiga’s family has tasked Pastor Ssenyonga to apologize publicly to the deceased’s children and born-again Christians. He says unless Ssenyonga apologizes, he will mobilise Christians and other Ugandans to shun him.

Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries says it was unfortunate for the Pentecostal Church, for such a senior pastor, to celebrate the death of his fellow pastor which is against bible teachings.

“I can’t celebrate the death of a person even if he has been my enemy, at worst what he did was nothing but wickedness,” said Bujjingo.

Pastor Merry Kaizire of the Lord’s Covenant in Kanyanya also said that the manner in which Ssenyonga was speaking explains the level of hatred he had for Yiga. She argued that fighting someone even after death is ungodly and a shame to all pastors.

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Members of Revival church who spoke to this publication also condemned Ssenyonga’s utterances against their late pastor. Stephen Mukwaya, a follower to Yiga asked Ssenyonga to come out and apologize saying his utterances are traumatizing to the bereaved family.

Rose Mumbejja, an artist in Rival Band which was started by Pastor Yiga dismissed Ssenyonga’s claims against their pastor as false.

Pastor Ssenyonga couldn’t be reached for comment as he neither picked nor returned calls from our reporter. Yiga’s body will be laid to rest at Revival church on Saturday this week.