Opposition don’t have development agenda for Acholi region – NRM leaders

Museveni in Acholi region
President Museveni greets NRM party leaders from East Acholi. COURTESY PHOTO/MICHAEL OJOK

Gulu, Uganda | URN | Leaders from the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] have warned the Acholi community on voting for the Opposition who don’t have any developmental agenda for them as a region. 

Hillary Onek, the Minister for Disaster Preparedness in the Office of the Prime Minister says the country is currently developing and flourishing, thanks to the peace and stability brought about by the NRM government.

Citing, improved key road networks, factories, electricity and stable peace and security in the country, Onek says the Acholi community should tap into the robust informal employment sector instead of complaining of lack of jobs which he says no government can provide for all its citizens.

Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament said most of the opposition politicians are feeding the people in Acholi with false propaganda, hate and negativity. 

According to Oulanyah, most of the Opposition politicians target Northern Uganda to preach their sectarian politics of hate without any developmental agenda for the region which he says is a call for concern from the Acholi community.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the NRM presidential flag bearer in the 2021 general elections says the current NRM government has been built on several unifying factors including religion, tribe among others which are lacking with most of the Opposition parties.

Mr Museveni says that the major focus of the party was to first stabilize the country and set agendas which would lead to the development of the country which is visible with the achievements so far. 

He cites improved key road networks, refurbishment of the railway line from Tororo to Pakwach, factories which are employing over 700,000 Ugandans, the service sector with over 1.3 jobs among others excluding the agricultural sector which employs most  Ugandans.

But in a recent interview, Michael Lakony, the FDC party chairperson Amuru district said the ruling government had failed to protect and prevail on the security of Ugandans citing the violence involving the Apaa land disputes. 

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Lakony says that the government had also failed to fulfill its mandate as far issues of affordable education, accessibility, health among others are concerned due to the limited finance allocated to the road sector, education and health among others.

However, while addressing the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party leaders in Gulu City on Monday 16th, November 2020, Mr Museveni said the government had allocated additional 146bn on top of the 168bn that was allocated for this financial year to ensure the roads are properly maintained.