Save Uganda by retiring Museveni peacefully, Gen. Muntu begs NRM supporters

Museveni Anti-corruption Walk a mockery - Gen. Mugisha Muntu
Gen Mugisha Muntu

Wakiso, Uganda | URN | The Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] presidential candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu has called upon members of the National Resistance Movement [NRM] to join other Ugandans and retire President Yoweri Museveni peacefully if they still love their country.

Gen. Muntu said that the country is currently on high tension because President Museveni who has stayed in power for over 30 years is still contesting in a bid to continue with his regime endlessly.

While campaigning at Mende trading center in Mende Sub county of Wakiso district on Monday, the former army commander of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] said that security forces are currently making grave mistakes because of the wrong orders issued by Gen. Museveni in his bid to continue clinging onto power.

He believes that the only way to subject the armed forces to a relief is ending the 35-year-old regime in the coming election and retire President Museveni peacefully.

Gen. Muntu who was blocked by the police from campaigning in a number of places in Wakiso district appreciates the developments realized under President Museveni’s rule but insists that he has failed to deliver the most important item of a peaceful transfer of power.

He said that there are countries which developed their economies to an admirable level but they almost lost it all because of the failure to respect the most desirable principle of ensuring a peaceful transition leadership from one person to another.

Gen. Muntu told the people of Wakiso that Libya had extended electricity and piped water to almost all its citizens, constructed better roads than those of Uganda and ensured jobs to all graduates and other developments but the country is now down to zero because of failure to implement a peaceful transition.

It is against this background that he requested the people of Mende, Wakiso and Uganda in general to entrust him and those contesting for positions of responsibility on the ANT ticket with their votes  because they are tested and have respect for the constitution.

Gen. Muntu explained that unlike President Museveni who took over power before serving in other positions of responsibility for a reasonable period of time, he served the country in different capacities which he ably completed with great discipline.

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He has assured them of restoring the term and age limits attached to the presidency whose removal he contested while still in parliament.  

He urged Ugandans to financially support their political parties by contributing a small fee towards their existence in order to counter President Museveni who is using state resources in his bid to continue ruling Uganda.

Hamida Nassimbwa who is vying for Busiro East parliamentary seat on the ANT ticket requested her constituents to entrust her and other party candidates because they work as a team and they had better plans for Uganda’s future than anyone else in the race.