Museveni has nothing new to offer Ugandans – Bobi Wine

Robert Kyagulanyi
Bobi Wine dressed in bullet proof gear

Budaka, Uganda | URN | The National Unity Platform [NUP] presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has said that President Yoweri Museveni has nothing new to offer to Ugandans apart from further enslaving them in extreme poverty.

While campaigning in Budaka district on Thursday 3rd, Kyagulanyi said that President Museveni has only 40 days remaining to hand over power to the new generation who will drive the country ahead.

“Mr. Museveni has no future for Ugandans apart from peddling lies for the last 34 years in power. But sincerely what new ideals will he deliver to the people of Uganda,” Kyagulanyi said.

Kyagulanyi also said that the excessive use of power by police and the army is a sign of cowardice by Museveni. He said he has now embarked on wearing bulletproof gear because the regime wants to shoot him out of the race.

He said he has been under immense pressure from his family, friends, and some supporters who asked him to quit the presidential race over the continued brutality of police and the army.

But he said he will not give the regime and Museveni the satisfaction that they want because he’s not a quitter. He rallied the people of Budaka and Kibuku to vote for him since he understands the interests of the common people. Kyagulanyi emphasized his pledge of improving the police and army welfare as well as civil servants.

“The situation of the police in terms of welfare is quite unthinkable and I pledge to transform the police in promotions because it has been characterized with sectarianism including the army,” Kyagulanyi said.

Kyagulanyi said the deplorable roads in the country leave Ugandans wondering where all billions of money obtained from loans have done except being squandered by corrupt government officials. Unlike his previous chaotic campaigns in other parts of the country, Kyagulanyi’s rally in Budaka and Kibuku were largely peaceful.

Tribalism in security

Kyagulanyi pledged to end what he called tribalism in the armed forces if elected into power. Kyagulanyi said that currently most of the district police commanders and generals in the army are from one part of Uganda which is unfair.

He accuses incumbent Museveni of intentionally recruiting people from a certain region and also promote them to high ranks whether they educated or not, with the intention of using them to keep him in power by beating and brutalizing the opposition.

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Kyagulanyi also says that if elected as the president, the ranking of any officer will depend on experience and training but not on their region or tribe. He also pledged to educate the children of the armed forces personnel at the university level since they are providing security to Ugandans

John Baptist Nambeshe, the NUP coordinator eastern region who is also MP for Manjiya County in Bududa, urged people from the east to votes all NUP flag bearers so that they can change the region in terms of development.

He adds that in all previous elections eastern region and Karamoja has been voting NRM overwhelmingly, but they are ranked first in poverty ever.