Chinese Supreme Court hires retired Ugandan Chief Justice Bart Katureebe

Retired Chief Justice Bart Katureebe

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Retired Ugandan Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has been appointed to the International Commercial Court Expert Committee of the Supreme People’s Court of China. 

“Taking account of your recognized expertise and extensive experience in legal fields, I’m therefore writing on behalf of CICC to invite you as a candidate member of the committee” reads Katureebe’s letter appointment letter in part.

A  December 9th, 2020 statement from the Judiciary shows that Katureebe, who retired from the Supreme Court bench on June 20, 2020, after serving as a Chief Justice for five years, has been appointed on a four-year contract, which runs to December 8, 2024.

According to the judiciary, to demonstrate his readiness to take up the offer, Justice Katureebe virtually attended the prestigious appointment ceremony held in Shenzhen China and made an eight-minute speech where he largely shared his opinion and experience about the operations of the commercial courts.  

“I’m profoundly excited about this appointment, for it is a high-level committee that will keep me professionally connected,” said Katureebe in a statement by the Judiciary.

According to his appointment letter, Katureebe will be one of the 31 leaders of important international organizations, legal experts eminent scholars and experienced judges selected from different countries and legal systems. 

The committee that was established two years ago is meant to ensure fair and the effective operation of the China International Commercial Court [CICC], an organ of the Supreme People’s Court established to adjudicate international commercial disputes.

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The committee is mandated with mediating international commercial disputes upon designation by the parties, providing expert opinion on applicable foreign laws and international conventions if entrusted by CICC and giving advice on the future development of the commercial Court.

Katureebe had previously said he was retiring to look after his goats.