Uganda’s history should not be told by foreigners – DPP Justice Mike Chibita

Uganda’s history should not be told by foreigners - DPP Justice Mike Chibita
The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Justice Mike Chibita,

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Justice Mike Chibita, has urged Ugandans not to let the country’s history be told by foreigners.

While presiding over the annual Uganda Book Awards organised by Uganda Book Forum (UBF) on Friday 29th, Chibita said Uganda’s history can be best told by Ugandans other than other people from outside.

Chibita said many Ugandans have witnessed Uganda’s history unfold but have not taken an initiate to write books for people who were not there and it is unfair for such history to be written by outsiders when people who were there are still living.

He emphasized by citing an old adage that goes “until lions learn how to write, the story of hunting will always glorify the hunter.” Chibita called upon Ugandans to always write whatever ideas they get about writing books in order to be inspired.

Former President Idi Amin’s minister, Henry Kyemba was extolled by Chibita for writing a book dubbed State of Blood that depicted the killings that were happening during his Amin’s reign and the world got to know through his book.

Basing on Kyemba’s book, Chibita said books should not only be for profit making but to tell stories of what is happening or happened in places where others were not but also to add knowledge to the already existing.

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“People have their own reasons on why they write books. Some people write to sell for profit while others write to share their experiences. The world is a richer place because books have been written and experiences shared,” said Chibita.

Nasser Kakumba, President of Uganda Book Forum said such awards are organised to appreciate people who have spared time and written books to inspire and educate others about things that are existing currently or existed.

Former minister for Ethics and Integrity, Miria Matembe scooped the award for Politics and Governance category thanks to her book dubbed Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Betrayed. The award was handed over to her by Justice Mike Chibita who was the day’s chief guest.

Meanwhile, Amazing Grace scooped the award of Child Author of the Year 2019 when she beat six other contestants with her book titled nurtured by a blind mother. The award was handed to her by Gen Pecos Kuteesa.