Aruu MP Odonga Otto sues six rival’s campaign agents for defamation

Samuel Odonga Otto, the Aruu county MP
Samuel Odonga Otto, the Aruu County MP

Pader, Uganda | URN | The Aruu County Member of Parliament [MP], Odonga Otto has sued six campaign agents of his rival, Christopher Komakech for alleged defamation.

The agents sued are; Mark Ondogkara, Alfred Odoch Muciny, Opobo Comboni, Christine Aciro, Godfrey Oketyot and Nelson Odong.

In his civil suit, No. 42 of 2020 in the High Court of Gulu filed through M/s Odonga Otto & Co. Advocates, and M/s Conrad Oroya Advocates, Odonga accuses the six campaign agents of defaming him.

“The defendants accused me of being a murderer, dishonest, not law-abiding, a mad man, a dangerous person who is a witch, and a sorcerer who lacks integrity and is not fit & proper person to continue being an MP for Aruu County,” Otto said. 

He says the accused abused him seriously at the campaign rallies of his rival in the areas of Ogonyo, Atede, Ludel, Ongany, Oplacen and Owele in November 2020. 

According to Odonga, the defendant’s words are defamatory, not true, uttered in bad faiths, derogatory and demeaning, adding that they have lowered his reputation in the eyes of right-thinking members of the public generally and his constituents   

“The words have negatively impacted me politically in my Constituency and have led voters to shun me,” he said.  He wants the court to issue a permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their agents from uttering and publishing defamatory statements against him and award him costs for general damages.

However, Nelson Odong, one of the defendants insists that Odonga is a conman and a trickster and believes in witchcraft. “One time we visited a witchdoctor with him and he was given water for bathing. He bathes with the water and the same water was used to cook food for people who visit his home,” he claimed.

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The Deputy Registrar Gulu High Court gave the defendants 15 days to file their responses to the suit from the date of service. Opobo Comboni, one of the defendants confirmed receipt of the summons, saying their lawyer is yet to file their defence. 

“I am not threatened by intimidation from MP Odonga Otto. Am ready to face him. His time of using intimidation and telling lies to the people of Aruu will come to an end in the 2021 election,” Opobo said.