Police issue security plan ahead of NAM and G77+ China summits

Police issue security plan ahead of NAM and G77+ China summits
Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga addressing journalists.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Police and other security agencies have confirmed their preparedness to ensure the security of the upcoming NAM and G77+ China twin summits scheduled for next week in Kampala.

Notably, a portion of the 4,000-plus international delegates has already begun arriving in Uganda, and law enforcement is committed to guaranteeing their safe entry.

Speaking at a press conference in Kampala, Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, conveyed that security agencies have exerted considerable effort to guarantee the safety and security of the upcoming NAM and G77+ China summits

“We have put in place a comprehensive security arrangement, that considers several dimensions, ranging from the Airport security, marine security, management of convoys, access controls, security at venues and hotels, close protection, aerial surveillance for suspicious activity, first aid and quick medical response, crime prevention and proactive policing, public order management, and counter-terror measures, among others,” Enanga said.

While refraining from disclosing detailed security information, he highlighted that the public has already noticed heightened security measures in Kampala city and the Greater Kampala area.

“Security in Kampala Metropolitan areas has been tightened, with highly visible and non-visible manpower, to purposely detect, deter and disrupt any range of criminal activity. We also have search and screening technology, dedicated K9 teams, overt and covert officers, deployed in and around all venues and routes, CCTV monitoring and communication centers, a command centre at the venue among others,” Enanga added.

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Furthermore, the police have deployed specialist response teams at designated locations and established rapid reaction formations with patrollers nationwide.

Assuring the safety of delegates, Enanga stated that there are no specific threats directed towards the Summit. He urged delegates to interact and cooperate with security teams, particularly at check and search points, and advised them to obtain security updates from these teams.