Businessman sues estranged wife for marrying off daughter without his consent

Kasim Okodan has sued the mother of his child for marrying her off without his consent.

Bukedea, Uganda | URN | Kasim Okodan, a businessman in Bukedea has sued his former wife for marrying off their daughter without his consent.

Okodan, 62, a resident of Tank cell in Kide ward wants his estranged wife Frances Apedo to unveil the man or group of people whom he accuses of impersonation at the traditional marriage of their daughter, Aisha Kaasa last year.

Okodan says that although he separated with his wife 20 years ago, he continued to support and educate all his children including Kaasa, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree.

He notes that it was rather surprising to hear that his daughter had been married off in a function that neither him or any of his clan members attended. Okodan told Court in Kumi that he was only informed by a friend about his daughter’s marriage.

Before going to Court, Okodan mobilized his clan members to visit the home where Kaasa was allegedly married to in Kamenya village, Kumi district. He was introduced to the family by the village chairperson John Michael Okurut together with his secretary.

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Okodan says his blood pressure has shot up after hearing about his daughter’s marriage.

But the girl’s mother Frances Apedo said that the matter is going to be handled within the families and she denied all the allegations that her divorced Okodan is pining on her with.

Kaasa equally said the matter is a family issue which does not need to be sorted in public.