Supporters waited all-day for Museveni’s two minute stopover

President Yoweri Museveni addressing supporters at Busega roundabout

Kampala, Uganda |  URN | The much-anticipated roadside address by President-elect Yoweri Museveni in the Kyengera-Busega area did not last more than a minute, even though crowds spent the better half of the day waiting for his arrival. 

Mr Museveni, who was expected in the area at 5 p.m. arrived more than 30 minutes later, amidst tight security and a traffic gridlock with vehicles hardly moving from either side of the road. Part of the road had been covered by people dressed in yellow t-shirts, the official colour of the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement [NRM]. 

They held placards in praise of Museveni and congratulating him for winning the just concluded presidential election. In a nearby green space, trucks were playing pro-Museveni songs and crowded by a crowd of dancers. 

But even with that level of preparation and waiting, Museveni stopped for just a few minutes. His address was a thank you and caution about COVID-19. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Museveni said, in the company of the First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, before returning to his vehicle, which was immediately driven off. 

Earlier, Museveni had stopovers in Kyazanga, Lukaya, Kayabwe, and Mpigi. He concluded the day at the constitutional square in Kampala. 

Pamela Nakintu, a resident of Busega was happy that the president made the stopover although she felt disappointed that he didn’t come out to wave at them. Nevertheless, Nakintu was grateful that she was finally able to set a glance at her president.

But another supporter, Stella Atuhirwe said that she waited patiently for the stopover because she is appreciative of Museveni’s leadership over the last 35 years. She appealed to the president to invest more in the health and education sectors, as he starts a new presidential term in May. 

Florence Bonabaana says it was well deserving for the president to win another term in office and was excited to be one of those congratulating him. Bonabaana, a member of the NRM Gwewalabyeko Saving Group in Kireka says she, and  20 other members traveled to Busega to see the president, deliver their congratulatory messages and also give him an invitation for him to meet members of their SACCOs.

John Bosco Twikye, also a member of NRM Gwewalabyeko Saving Group says their mission was achieved because they delivered their letter to the president.  Twikye says they have previously written several letters but received no response probably because their letters were never delivered by the officials they dealt with. 

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Although he didn’t reveal to whom they handed over their letter, he is confident this time they have dealt with the right person and the letter shall reach Museveni. Twikye says they promised members of their group that they would bring the president to visit them and that is their goal.

Yusuf Nyanzi, identified himself as a leader of youths from Salaama Road was equally excited to be part of the supporters congratulating the president. He also carried a letter to the president, which he says, he was able to deliver to someone close to the president.