Silverfish prices high in Gulu despite increased supply

Silverfish prices high in Gulu despite increased supply
Silverfish traders in Gulu have maintained prices high despite increase in supply. COURTESY PHOTO/SECURE FISHERIES/ SARAH GLASER

Gulu, Uganda | URN | The price of silverfish [Mukene] has remained high in Gulu, northern Uganda markets despite the increased supply from major sources in central Uganda.

Last week, a sack of silverfish was selling for between Shillings 1 million and 1.1 million, while a basin was going for Shillings 50,000 from Entebbe and Kalangala districts due to scarcity.

However, supply increased on Monday 15, February 2021. Jackeline Acan, a silverfish dealer says that during the lockdown, they were receiving 5 trucks of silverfish.

She however says that they have so far received 11 trucks since last week with others heading to other markets in the neighbouring Elegu, Kitgum and Nwoya districts.

According to information obtained by our reporter, a sack of silverfish costs Shillings 950,000 while a basin costs Shillings 45,000 in Entebbe and Kalangala district.

However in Gulu, a sack of silverfish currently costs Shillings 1.2 million while a basin is going for Shillings 60,000.

Alice Acen, a silverfish dealer at Cereleno market in Gulu city says the difference in the prices is meant to cater for their transport and accommodation expenses as well as profit.

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Scovia Acirocan, another silverfish dealer at Gulu main market says the prices have remained high because most transporters have not adjusted the transport fares despite the relaxation of the lockdown measures.

Jennifer Atim, a silverfish consumer says that in some city markets, the amount of silverfish sold for 1,000 is no longer enough.

She explains that she resorted to silverfish to supplement the diet of her malnourished child.