Employer in Uganda castrates 24-year-old worker over vanilla theft

Employer in Uganda castrates worker over vanilla theft
The victim in a police statement disputed the alleged use of a knife on his genitals saying his boss used his teeth to bite through his testicles

Kyotera, Uganda | URN | While it is not in dispute that a vanilla farmer in Kyotera district in the Central Region of Uganda decided to castrate his employee, there is disagreement over tool he used.

The angry farmer and his accomplices say his boss used a knife but the victim swears his employer used his teeth to bite through his testicles.

The bizarre incident has left the 24-year-old man admitted in critical condition after his own employer cut his testicles.

Ronald Mayanja, a resident of Kyakonda village in Kasaali town council was accused of stealing Joseph Katamba’s vanilla beans on Wednesday 24, February 2021 night when Katamba caught Mayanja red-handed in his plantation.

Mayanja’s attempts to escape were futile as Katamba and his other workers chased and caught him. They reportedly held him on the ground, pulled his pants down and Katamba reportedly cut his testicles.

Mayanja’s testes were left hanging out as he lay unconscious, bleeding profusely. It is the village authorities who called police to the scene that saved his life.

Police rushed Mayanja to the hospital where he was given emergency attention and was stitched. He is still receiving treatment.

In his awkward condition, police had decided to handcuff him while he was receiving treatment but they later took his statement and released him on bond.

Mayanja disputed the alleged use of a knife on his genitals, saying Katamba actually used his teeth to bite through his testicles. He fainted due to pain and shock.

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According to ASP Hassan Hiwumbire, the District Police Commander, they temporarily detained the suspect but had to release him for further treatment.

The DPC says that Katamba also recorded a statement over the incident adding that police are investigating the matter. A health worker who attended to Mayanja describes the wounds as simply horrible. They did their best though to stitch the wounds and are now giving Mayanja post-surgery care.