Movement permits for essential workers in Uganda to be got online

Movement permits for essential workers in Uganda to be got online
Journalists and other essential staff in Uganda to get special permits to move freely in the next 42 days during the lockdown

Kampala, Uganda | URN | All movement permits for essential staff will be applied for online on the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) website, according to a statement released by the ministry of health on Saturday 19th, June 2021.

The travel permits will be required for all persons who want to move in the next 42 days during the lockdown. The permits will only be issued to essential workers as described by the president.

These include health workers, journalists, utility providers, cargo trucks, security officers, manufacturers and government employees.

The statement signed by Dr Charles Olaro, on behalf of the director-general of health services states that, “The responsible officer in the health facility/ institution will download a movement request form from MoWT website. This form will then be filled and submitted to the same link with names of the health workers and other essential workers that will be working through out this period.”

According to the statement, the MoWT will either approve or deny permission for the permits. Feedback on the application will be communicated through the same link (through which the application was submitted).

Heads of institutions will be expected to provide details of all their staff like names and car number in the application. If the application is accepted, a permit will be generated and issued through the link. It will be downloadable from the MoWT website. The permit will have a QR code which will be used to verify the validity of the permit.

Our reporters visited the MoWT website and discovered that there was as yet no link that could be used to apply for the movement permits.

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Susan Kataike, the Senior Public Relations officer at the Ministry of Works and Transport says the link will be up and running soon.

She says the application process has been moved online to avoid large queues at the ministry offices.

In other districts, the permits for health workers will be issued by district health officials.

As essential workers wait for the movement permits to be issued, they have been encouraged to move with work IDS, National IDs or authorization letters (especially for health workers) signed by heads of the institutions they are employed in.