Marriage in Uganda is under siege – Justice Bamugemereire

Marriage in Uganda is under siege – Justice Bamugemereire
Court of Appeal Justice, Catherine Bamugemereire

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Court of Appeal Justice, Catherine Bamugemereire has said that the marriage ceremony in modern Uganda is under siege as people are increasingly opting out of their marriages at their convenience.

Bamugemereire recalls the time when she joined the Family Division of the High court in 2013, before moving to Court of Appeal, where she found 50 divorce cases that had been filed, however, this has changed with time as the cases have now tripled.

Delivering a public lecture at Uganda Christian University-UCU in Mukono under the theme: “Christian Family in the Postmodern Era,” Justice Bamugemereire noted that marriage as understood in the Christian setting was intended to be for one woman and one man but in this era, women have resorted to having test-tube babies.

Unlike in the past years, Justice Bamugemereire says that one of the adverse effects of social media is people constantly looking up to celebrities for advice and this has put many families on a slippery slope.

“Every era comes with its positive and negative things,” she said. “We have women getting empowered unlike in the past, and mothers are now working, leaving their children with nannies and television sets. These children will easily take advice from their peers, someone on TV and social media than their own parents’ advice.”

She advised that parents stop depending on government and schools in raising their children but to go back on the drawing board and sit down as parent with other community members to come up with ways to help raise a good generation.

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She also adds that there should be teachers who can work as extension workers together with social workers to monitor situations on the ground.

According to the UCU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, marriage as understood in the Christian setting was intended to be for one woman and one man as stated in Genesis 2:24. “Marriage as intended by God was to cause man to be fruitful as per the creation story, however, the postmodern era, is promoting a marriage without babies.”

The Dean of the School of Dentistry in UCU, Dr. James Magara re-echoed the lady justice’s view on raising children on the Christian principals.

“In homes today, both parents are now working and leaving their children to watch television,” he said. “Regardless of how little time you have, raise your children deliberately, find out what they are up to, it may be a difficult time but you will overcome it. Do not let school and government raise your children. Education is more to the family than the state.”