Egyptians accused of killing fellow countryman over business rivalry in Uganda

Missing Egyptian found dead, body dumped in Soroti swamp

Soroti, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The demise of Ahmed Zinhom Ibrahim Selim, an Egyptian national whose body was recovered from a swamp in Soroti district, is attributed to a business rivalry with his fellow countrymen, as disclosed by police.

Zinhom, aged 32, had been involved in the distribution of kitchenware and appliances, supplying various individuals, including civil servants, with items often provided on credit. His clientele included individuals operating within government institutions such as schools and health facilities.

Last week, Zinhom went missing, and subsequently, his lifeless body was discovered discarded in a swamp. Oscar Gregg Ageca, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman, revealed that preliminary investigations suggest conflicts in business dealings with fellow Egyptians.

Among the five individuals apprehended in connection with the incident, four were Egyptian nationals engaged in similar businesses across the Teso and Lango sub-regions.

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While the police have not disclosed the identities of the three suspects currently in custody, it is known that Muhammad Nabil Ali, an Egyptian who was last seen with the victim, was arrested alongside Mark Kisolo, an employee of Zinhom, on the first day of the investigation when the missing person report was filed.

Residing in Cell A, Campswahili Ward in Soroti City East Division, Zinhom’s body was found concealed in the thicket of Awoja Swamp, exhibiting injuries from sharp objects. His body has been transported to Kampala for further examination and processing, according to the police.

The unfortunate incident underscores the complexities of business rivalries within the Egyptian community operating in the region.