Kiira police embarks on registration of Pastors following child sacrifice

Kiira region police spokesperson James Mubi confirmed report

Jinja, Uganda | URN | Police in Kiira region on Friday 10, December 2021 embarked on a campaign to register all Born Again faith Pastors in both Jinja city and Jinja district respectively.

The development follows the arrest of Joseph Sserubiri, the presiding Pastor of Deliverance Church Kakira, who connived with his wife Felista Namaganda, to kill four-year-old Trinity Izabella Nakisuyi, in a gruesome ritual murder.

Sserubiri who is currently being detained at Kakira Central Police Station informed police detectives that sacrificing Nakisuyi would enable him access supernatural powers that would attract huge numbers of followers to his church.

Kiira region police spokesperson James Mubi, says that there are several mushrooming churches whose founding bodies and objectives are not well known, therefore, registration will ease the process of screening out wrong elements from the church setting.

Mubi also notes that, Sserubiri’s actions and particulars were not known by the local churches within the community and this exposes supervision gaps in the born again faith leadership fraternity and only fresh registration will foster measures of eliminating fake pastors who are hiding themselves under the veil of Christianity, only to engage in criminal activities.

Mubi stresses that, police leadership in the sub-region has since embarked on sensitization drives aimed at enlightening pastors on the merits in registering their particulars with local authorities, as a means of controlling intruders from penetrating their born again fellowships.

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Mubi adds that a team of detectives has been set aside to help pastors create a database containing particulars of born again faith operators and churches alike, throughout the Kiira region policing area.

Godfrey Mwesigwa, the chairperson of Jinja Christian leaders’ fellowship says that they have been registering cases of manipulation, where presumed pastors extort money from believers, with promises of making miracles in their lives, which are never realized.

However, he is optimistic that with registration, such vices and much more will be eliminated from the born again faith fraternity.

Mwesigwa further stresses that registration will ease interaction, information sharing and fellowship, amongst key players within the born again faith fraternity, so as to foster balancing of their respective roles and responsibilities to both local communities and government authorities.