Jobs: TOR for Designing of School Business Posters for schools in Uganda – Teach a Man to Fish

Jobs: Gender Consultant – Teach a Man to Fish (UK NGO)

Job Title: Terms of Reference (TOR) – Designing of School Business Posters for schools in Uganda
Organisation: Teach A Man To Fish
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
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About Us:

Teach A Man To Fish is part of Education Cannot Wait (ECW) project and believes that education is the key to tackling global youth unemployment and poverty through the exciting School Enterprise Challenge Awards program. We work with schools across the world to set up school businesses. These businesses are both educational and profitable – teaching students’ practical business and workplace skills, and generating much-needed extra income for schools. In doing this, Teach A Man To Fish up holds gender and inclusion, child protection and safe guarding.

The proposed project, School Enterprise Challenge for ECW schools, will introduce our proven educational School-Business programme into 60 primary schools in four settlements (Palabek, Bidi Bidi, Kyangwali and Rhino Settlements) over 24 months, enriching both teacher and learner skills-building. It introduces a learner-centred approach for building children’s entrepreneurship and life skills in school where learners plan, set up and run a real School Business. In order to strengthen the said core aspects of the program (accountability, gender inclusion, child protection and safeguarding), Teach A Man To Fish wishes to design a set of three posters to reflect key messages for the core aspects. To this end, Teach A Man To Fish is looking to hire competent and talented professional to design 3 posters following the messages that will be provided under each category. The messages will generally be on gender and inclusion, child protection and safe guarding as well as school business accountability journey.

Detailed background on Teach A Man To Fish Uganda, the School Enterprise Challenge and the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) consortium in Uganda

Teach A Man to Fish has been active in Uganda since 2009 and has been progressively scaling up its work since 2014. Through our flagship programme, the School Enterprise Challenge, and through bespoke Technical Assistance and consultancy work, Teach A Man To Fish Uganda currently supports schools at primary, secondary and vocational level. Teach A Man To Fish Uganda currently has a team of 11 staff and 3 Volunteers based in Kampala.

The School Enterprise Challenge Awards programme ( is Teach A Man To Fish’s international Awards programme for schools around the world. This Awards programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan and set up real school businesses. Divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, the progressive Awards framework enables schools to build on their achievements and adopt ‘best practices’ to increase the impact of their work as they advance in successive years through the levels.

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is a fund which supports the provision of education in emergency settings. In Uganda, Education Cannot Wait support interventions by a network of (I)NGOs to provide education through the provision of infrastructure, teachers and linked interventions including MHPSS and SRH education.

Teach A Man To Fish’s project will contribute to the Education Response Plan by providing a targeted intervention in 60 schools, equipping teachers with a practical methodology to support students to develop valuable entrepreneurship and life skills.

Objective of the consultancy:

The general objective of the consultancy will be to design three (3) posters for school business accountability journey, gender and inclusion, child protection and safe guarding. The poster shall meet the standard procedures and effectively convey the messages to the intended beneficiaries. Messages shall be provided by Teach A Man To Fish. On the other hand, relevant graphics to convey the messages will be made by the consultant.

Key deliverables expected from the consultant

  • To develop concepts, graphics and layouts for 3 posters as guided by Teach A Man To Fish To advise Teach A Man To Fish, with regard to design style, format, print production and appropriate measurements.
  • To prepare e rough drafts of material based on an agreed brief and present it to Teach A Man To Fish for approval.
  • To print 3 dummy posters for illustration purposes and submit these to Teach A Man To Fish for approval.
  • To produce soft copies of well-designed final posters reflecting the agreed messages in a professional manner.

Supervision and oversight

The Consultant will be managed by the EWC Program Manager based in Kampala. Additional support will also be provided by the Uganda team, based in Kampala and the Teach A Man To Fish Global team, based in the UK (where necessary).

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Budget and payment schedule

The total available budget is UGX 1,200,000. A value for money analysis on the bids will be done and a Consultant with a lower price may be chosen. This budget includes consultant day rates plus all incidental costs including but not limited to transport, stationery and related taxes and license fees.

Profile and Qualification of consultant

The consultant will have the following competencies and skills:

  • Degree in Information Technology, Graphic designing or human centred design.
  • Track record of delivering high quality consultations in graphic or human centred design.
  • Excellent IT skills, especially with design and photo-editing software.
  • Exceptional creativity and innovation.
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills.
  • High level of Accuracy and attention to detail.

How to Apply:

All interested consultants should email the following information to

  • A completed applicant details form (see form 1)., Click Here
  • Scan of completed, signed declaration form (see form 2). Applications without a signed, complete declaration form will not be considered.
  • A brief proposal of no more than 3 pages indicating how they will approach the task as outlined.
  • A budget for delivery of the project as outlined.
  • A brief profile of the consultant(s) that will be responsible and 3 samples of previous related work

The subject line of the email should state: Consultancy Application – Poster Design

Deadline: 22nd June, 2020 by 5:00pm