Uganda Police to intensify security operations ahead of festivities

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Uganda Police Force spokesperson Fred Enanga

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Reckless drivers and motorcyclists, as well as pedestrians violating curfew time, should prepare to spend the festive season in custody, Uganda Police Force have warned.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that as Christmas and New Year’s Day festivities draw nearer, police have intensified operations against drivers violating traffic and road safety regulations as well any person including pedestrians moving during curfew time.

The police insist that drivers and motorcyclists have consistently defied traffic regulations in addition to moving beyond curfew time that was announced almost two years ago in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19. President Yoweri Museveni declared a 6pm and 7pm curfew for motorcycles and cars respectively.

Enanga says that 1,455 cars and 2,569 motorcycles have been impounded for violating traffic regulations and moving during curfew time over the last seven days. Also, 1,515 pedestrians have been arrested for walking during curfew hours, and at least 1,350 car owners and 1,922 motorcyclists were issued with Express Penalty tickets.

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“People should know that during Christmas and New Year’s Day festivities, even courts might be in recess. Therefore, there will be no time for whoever will be arrested during our operations. You are likely to spend Christmas in jail and you might come out next year,” Enanga warns.

Although police statistics show that 418 motorcyclists have been cautioned and released in the last seven days’, Enanga warns that even cautioning might not be one of the options during the festive days.

“Please respect curfew time. Do not drive or walk during curfew hours. Do not spend Christmas in jail. These are avoidable situations,” Enanga said. Most of the drivers, according to police, were issued EPS tickets of 100,000 Shillings each.