Ugandan soldier confesses to killing 6 people in 5 robberies in Jinja

Ugandan soldier confesses to killing 6 civilians in 5 robberies in Jinja
Lance Corporal, John Nabinoli taking detectives at the murder scenes

Jinja, Uganda | URN | Lance Corporal, John Nabinoli, the weapons director at the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) located in Gaddafi barracks has confessed to have masterminded six separate armed robberies within Jinja city, in a spate of two years.

Nabinoli alongside private Patrick Amandwa, the armory guard at Gaddafi barracks, were last week arrested over orchestrating armed robberies in Jinja city. The duo was later detained at Nalufenya police for further interrogation. Last Friday morning, Nabinoli explained to police detectives how he had individually executed five shooting incidents in Jinja city.

A team of police forensic personnel and detectives led by the Kiira regional CID, Allan Twishime, revisited the shooting scenes, where Nabinoli explained how all the the victims were killed. The first shooting was executed in October 2020, where, Ronald Mawa, a security guard from Hash Security Services Limited, was shot dead while on duty at Crested Crane Hotel.

The second shooting was executed on December 20, 2020, where Rodgers Wabuyeka, a security guard attached to Daren Security Services Ltd, was shot dead outside Space Cafe restaurant along Main Street in Jinja city. Nabinoli told detectives that Wabuyeka was his friend but they developed misunderstandings over issues he declined to express in the presence of the press.

The third shooting incident was on October 7, 2021, where James Akabwai was shot dead at Stabex petrol station and Nabinoli reveals that he fled with Shs 2 million. Nabinoli says that, his main target was money however, Akabwai was shot dead while trying to run after him.

Nabinoli says he shot dead James Akabwai at Stabex petrol station after he ran after him

The fourth incident was executed on November 12, 2021, where Juliet Mirembe and her boyfriend, Sadam Waiswa, were shot dead while standing outside Lwanda primary school, located in Northern division in Jinja city. Nabinoli declined to explain the motive of this double shooting since, they never robbed anything from the couple and the vehicle which they had fled with, was abandoned in Kakira sugarcane plantation.

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The fifth incident involved the shooting dead of 23-year-old, Ause Lubandi, a security guard attached to JAG security group, who had been deployed to guard Global petrol station, located along Kamuli road.

Nabinoli stressed that, the main target in his past four shootings was majorly to rob guns, which would help him in the smooth execution of successful armed robberies without leaving behind any links of him to the UPDF.

Nabinoli further revealed that, he never intended to harm any unarmed civilians throughout all his executions and that he only killed those who crossed his path, but, declined to expedite circumstances under which civilians interfered with his operations.