Grenade quits Eddy Kenzo-led UNMF, citing ‘fake’ leadership

Grenade quits Eddy Kenzo-led UNMF, citing 'fake' leadership
Grenade Official

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Singer Deus Nduggwa, popularly known as Grenade Official, has made a public announcement about his decision to leave the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), an organization currently under the leadership of Eddy Kenzo, the head of Big Talent Entertainment.

In a video message, the artist behind popular hits like “Nkuloga” shared his reasons for parting ways with the federation. Grenade Official expressed his dissatisfaction with what he considers to be a lack of sincerity among the leadership of UNMF. He claimed that the federation is being led by individuals who make promises but fail to fulfill them.

Challenging the leaders of UNMF, Grenade Official called upon them to provide evidence to the public regarding any project they had promised and actually delivered, as they have often claimed.

Grenade quits Eddy Kenzo-led UNMF, citing 'fake' leadership
Eddy Kenzo

This call for transparency and accountability highlights Grenade’s concerns about the effectiveness and integrity of the organization.

In a reflective tone, Grenade Official admitted to regretting not heeding the advice of fellow artist Bobi Wine, who had warned against the formation of exclusive cliques within the music industry that do not contribute to the growth and advancement of fellow musicians. This acknowledgment suggests that Grenade recognizes the importance of unity and collaboration within the music community.

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Furthermore, Grenade Official emphasized a sobering observation about the way people tend to show appreciation and support for artists mainly when they are facing hardships or have passed away. He implied that some individuals may pretend to be supportive during such times, shedding light on the challenges faced by artists in the industry.

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In his concluding remarks, Grenade Official asserted that he sees no significant efforts from the federation to improve and streamline the music industry. This implies that the organization may be prioritizing other unrelated programs over its core mission of enhancing the music sector.

Grenade’s decision to leave UNMF and his candid remarks about the organization’s leadership and priorities reflect a broader discussion within the Ugandan music industry about the role and effectiveness of artist federations in supporting and advancing the interests of musicians.