‘Prophet’ jailed 40 years for defiling, infecting 17-year-old with HIV

‘Prophet’ jailed 40 years for defiling, infecting 17-year-old with HIV
Prophet Elijah James Kimera, 35, of Faith Centre Church of All Nations appearing before Court on March 18, 2024.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | A self-proclaimed ‘Prophet,’ has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for impregnating a 17-year-old girl with whom he fathered twins and infected her with HIV.

The born-again Prophet Elijah James Kimera, 35, of Faith Centre Church of All Nations at Lusanja in Wakiso has been sentenced by High Court Judge Margaret Mutonyi.

Prosecution’s key evidence revealed that the victim’s mother was a member of Prophet Elijah’s church who engaged in sexual relations with the church leader, resulting in the birth of two children.

The victim, then studying in senior three, was later introduced to the prophet for spiritual guidance and also became a choir member.

It is reported that Prophet Elijah had sexual intercourse with the victim in the car on the church compound during nighttime.

The court further heard that the abuse continued until the victim gave birth to twins, an act Justice Mutonyi termed an abomination in African culture to have children with both a mother and a daughter and treating them as co-wives.

The court condemned the prophet for being deceptive and manipulative by denying knowledge of the victim’s whereabouts until the court intervened to rescue her and the twins from the church.

According to Justice Mutonyi, it was only after these facts were exposed that the prophet admitted guilt and asked for forgiveness from both the court and Christ.

However, Justice Mutonyi stated that remorse after being exposed aims to manipulate the court into granting a lenient sentence. Even after being granted bail, Prophet Elijah continued cohabiting with the victim until she reached the age of majority a year ago.

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The judge noted that courts have a duty to protect underage girls from sexual predators, as 70% of criminal cases listed involve aggravated defilement.

Justice Mutonyi emphasized that defilement at church is akin to defilement at home because pastors are seen as spiritual parents. In this particular case, relatives will endure trauma knowing that both mother and daughter were impregnated by the same man who, due to his reckless sexual behavior, infected them with a deadly disease.

Prophet Kimera has been informed that he has the right to appeal only the sentence but not the conviction because he pleaded guilty.