Kenya ranks in the top 10 Truecaller users worldwide

Kenya ranks in the top 10 Truecaller users worldwide
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Nairobi, Kenya | By Michael Wandati | Kenya has secured its position among the top 10 nations with the highest number of monthly active users of Truecaller, a caller identification service, as revealed by the company.

Truecaller, which aids users in identifying potential spam calls, boasts a global user base of 356 million active monthly users spanning 175 countries.

In the African context, other leading users of the platform include Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, and South Africa.

Truecaller maintains offices in various locations across the globe, including Sweden, India, Israel, Egypt, and Kenya.

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According to the company, “Truecaller’s 10 largest markets, based on monthly active users (MAU), are India, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Iraq, Kenya, Colombia, and Jordan.”

Truecaller’s features encompass caller identification, spam call and text detection and blocking, call recording, mobile number identity search, and availability checks for the intended recipient of a call.

In Kenya, spam calls and SMS often originate from a variety of sources, including local and international fraudsters, marketing firms, and digital credit providers (DCPs).