Kenyan man chops off wife’s ears, claims she does not listen to him

Kenyan man chops off wife’s ears, claims she does not listen to him

Kericho, Kenya | By Michael Wandati | Police in Kericho County located in the highlands west of the Kenyan Rift Valley are currently searching for a man suspected of severing his wife’s ears on Wednesday 8, May 2024.

According to police reports, the incident occurred in Sigowet-Soin, located within Kericho County. Allegedly, the man carried out this brutal act due to accusations of disobedience and failure to adhere to his instructions.

“The suspect escaped immediately after committing the crime,” read a police report.

A physical altercation erupted between the couple, resulting in the suspect chopping off both of the woman’s ears, citing her alleged disobedience.

Law enforcement authorities have escalated efforts to apprehend the suspect and have affirmed their commitment to bringing him to justice once he is apprehended.

The incident has deeply unsettled local residents, who expressed shock over such an unprecedented occurrence in their community.

The victim received immediate medical attention at a nearby hospital, where she is currently undergoing treatment.

In a separate incident, authorities in Singor, Nandi District, have initiated an inquiry following the death of a 59-year-old man in a domestic dispute with a family member.

William Kimalyo Mosop, a resident of Chosereb village, reportedly lost his life during a confrontation with his relative, leading to his tragic demise.

“An argument broke out between the suspect and the deceased, during which the suspect picked up a panga and hacked the man on the head and right hand,” police said in their report.

The victim succumbed to their injuries at the scene due to severe bleeding.

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Additionally, the suspect assaulted the deceased’s wife, inflicting wounds on her left hand and leg.

Emergency services promptly transported the injured woman to Nandi Hills Sub County Hospital for urgent medical care. Meanwhile, the deceased’s body was transferred to the mortuary at the same facility for a post-mortem examination.

Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing the suspect, who fled following the assaults on Wednesday.

At present, authorities have not determined the motive behind the attacks.