Museveni asks Mumbere for help to ‘wipe out’ ADF rebels 

Museveni asks Mumbere for help to 'wipe out' ADF rebels 

Kasese, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | President Yoweri Museveni has reached out to the cultural leader of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema Ngoma, seeking assistance in the government’s efforts to combat the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels and ensure regional stability.

The ADF rebels have persistently posed a security threat to President Museveni’s government, with their recent actions, including the tragic murder of two British tourists and a Ugandan tour guide, casting a shadow over the region, particularly in Kasese, western Uganda.

Despite previous declarations of the ADF’s defeat, they have resurfaced, carrying out acts of terror, such as attacks on police stations and buses, as well as the abduction and killing of school children.

In response to these challenges, President Museveni is urging the local community to support the security forces by remaining vigilant, identifying, isolating, and eradicating rebel elements within their communities. Speaking at the 57th coronation anniversary of the Rwenzururu cultural leader at Kilembe Golf Course in Kasese town, Museveni emphasized the critical importance of regional stability for the country’s development.

Museveni, represented by Vice President Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo, also encouraged the leadership of the kingdom to maintain a positive relationship with the government to address the issues of poverty, criminality, and diseases.

President Museveni stated, “By murdering soft targets in Uganda i.e. school children, traders, foreigners etc, this will be the final chapter of their [ADF rebels] existence everywhere on earth. I ask that you incorporate the message of wealth for development. We have united the people of Uganda at the household level in your program. The primary focus for the NRM government is to trigger social economic transformation of Uganda. We have guaranteed peace and stability – precursor rejecting the poison of sectarianism on act of tribe.” 

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President Museveni reiterated the NRM government’s respect for the Bakonzo community’s legitimate cultural norms and expressed his satisfaction with Mumbere’s return to his kingdom. He regarded the restoration of kingdoms in Uganda in 1993 as a significant achievement, emphasizing their historical significance and the sense of belonging they impart.

State Minister for Gender and Culture, Peace Mutuuzo, encouraged cultural leaders to prioritize unity and development.

Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema Ngoma, in his address to his subjects, stressed the importance of embracing government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) to enhance their livelihoods and combat poverty.

He outlined the kingdom’s plans for the next seven years, focusing on reconciliation, unity in diversity, socioeconomic transformation, peace-building, and mindset change, emphasizing that the achievement of these objectives would require unwavering commitment from all his subjects.