Lot Fire Records inks deal with singer-songwriter Jim Siizer

Lot Fire Records inks deal with singer-songwriter Jim Siizer
Newly signed singer-songwriter Jim Siizer

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Lot Fire Records, a prominent record label situated in the heart of Uganda’s capital of Kampala, has solidified its reputation for nurturing extraordinary talents and brands within the music industry by signing talented singer-songwriter Jim Siizer.

Over the years, they’ve eschewed formal contracts with musicians, a choice that had long piqued the curiosity of music enthusiasts and industry stakeholders. In turn of events, talented singer and songwriter, Jim Siizer has become the first musician to be signed by celebrated production house, Lot Fire Records.

Jim Siizer is among the several alternative musicians whose talent has been overshadowed by poor promotion and absence of proper management. the Kampala Dispatch understands that Jim Siizer’s new deal involves promotion, production, and securing bookings.

Jim Siizer, the gifted singer and songwriter also known as Nsobya James, has recently embarked on an exciting journey with Lot Fire Records. Notably, this record label boasts a roster of esteemed artists, including Bash Luks, who is both a member and the visionary founder of the entertainment company.

Singer-songwriter Jim Siizer

Focusing primarily on East Africa, Lot Fire Records has set its sights on sculpting Jim Siizer into a global superstar, armed with ambitious plans and aspirations. Jim Siizer is a remarkably versatile musician, celebrated both locally and on the international stage for his captivating performances.

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While he initially embarked on his musical journey as a dancehall artist, Jim Siizer has since evolved into a proficient singer and songwriter. Among his impressive accolades is the successful release of his music album, “Kusinza Businza.”

Under the banner of Lot Fire Records, Siizer has recently unveiled his debut album, “Kweyagala.” The song, crafted by the ingenious SongBoss, brought to life by the masterful Killer Beats, and impeccably refined at Lot Fire Records’ recording studio, represents not only his innate talent but also his down-to-earth and humble persona. Moreover, it serves as a testament to his capacity to transcend artistic expectations, further cementing his presence in the musical realm.

The partnership between Jim Siizer and Lot Fire Records is poised to set new standards in the industry, ushering in a promising era of musical excellence.