Some ‘old women’ are fighting us, Speaker Among accuses predecessors

Some 'old women' are fighting us, Speaker Among accuses predecessors
The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, Anita Among.

Buyende, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Ms. Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, has intensified her criticism regarding perceived political machinations she believes she is facing from unnamed individuals.

Ms. Among has now singled out “old women from Kamuli” as the instigators of her current challenges, alleging that these same individuals have impeded progress in Buyende District.

She made these remarks while addressing residents of Buyende, a remote district in Busoga, during the weekend.

Recently, Ms. Among faced criticism following allegations of corruption and abuse of power within Parliament, the institution she leads, which raised concerns among the public.

She has dismissed these allegations as baseless rumors, attributing them to her adversaries.

During her visit to Buyende, the Speaker reiterated her claims about adversaries who she believes are not only targeting her but also obstructing development in the district.

This time, she indirectly hinted that the enemies whose names she did not mention, are “old women” from Kamuli District.

“Those who are fighting us are fighting you and it is high time we chase away those old women because they want to cause us problems.”

Ms. Among said in a message that was recorded by amateur camera and widely shared on social media via TikTok.

“They want you to remain poor whereas for them, Kamuli is developed. Don’t you want to develop here? We are going to develop you.”

Ms. Anita Among added.

Kamuli serves as the native district of Anita Among’s predecessor, Rebecca Kadaga, who holds the positions of Woman MP, First Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for East African Community Affairs.

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Ms. Kadaga holds significant political influence in Busoga, serving as a key figure in the region’s political landscape. While Ms. Among is married to Buyende MP Moses Magogo, her recent remarks specifically mentioning Kamuli could spark heated discussions within the sub-region.

In 2022, Anita Among indirectly fired at former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, saying that “no one is bigger than Busoga,” while addressing locals in the Busoga sub-region.

Ms. Among’s comments follow closely after she informed residents of Bukedea district that some of her predecessors were aiming to undermine her position as Speaker.

“There are people who are saying they want to reclaim their seat (Speakership)… What did they leave there? What haven’t we done?.”

Ms. Among wondered.

Amidst these developments, there is growing public pressure on the leadership of Parliament to address concerns raised on social media regarding the alleged misuse of taxpayers’ money on allowances and ‘service payments’ for legislators.