21-year-old woman commits suicide over Shs 7,000 brother’s debt

Woman commits suicide over failed relationship
Hangman's loop on a wooden wall background. Creative background, the concept of despair, a dead end, a desperate situation. COURTESY PHOTO

Nakapiripirit, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In a shocking turn of events, residents of Kaawach village in Nakapiripirit district are grappling with the discovery of the lifeless body of 21-year-old Nachap Hellen, found hanging from a tree. The tragic incident unfolded after a heated dispute with her brother, Mungan Isaac, over a modest sum of Shs 7,000.

Reportedly, Nachap had borrowed the money from her brother with a promise to repay it on the previous day. When Mungan confronted her to collect the debt, Nachap confessed her inability to repay immediately, requesting an additional day.

The revelation sparked a bitter verbal exchange that escalated into a violent fistfight. Overwhelmed with emotions, Nachap fled from the scene in tears, only to be later discovered hanging from a tree with a tightly fastened rope around her neck.

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In a heart-wrenching twist, Mungan, consumed by grief, attempted to take his own life by grabbing a rope and heading to a nearby bush. Swift intervention by alert residents prevented this tragedy, and Mungan was restrained. He is now in police custody, where he will assist in further investigations, as confirmed by Mike Longole, the Karamoja Police Spokesperson.

The community is left questioning how a dispute over such a seemingly small sum of money could lead to such a devastating outcome, highlighting the profound impact of financial tensions on individuals’ lives.