Man in Uganda dies after drinking 8 bottles of potent alcohol from Kenya

Man in Uganda dies after drinking 8 bottles of potent alcohol from Kenya

Namisindwa, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | A tragic incident unfolded in Namisindwa district as a 24-year-old man lost his life during alcohol drinking challenge. The deceased, Rober Welikhe, known for his affinity for alcohol, resided in Sikhendu village, Sikhendu parish, Bukiabi sub-county. The ill-fated challenge involved consuming 12 bottles of Kakasa Kombucha, an alcoholic beverage originating from Kenya.

The alcohol drinking challenge was orchestrated by Augustus Wete, a local trader based in the Riverside trading center at Bukiabi sub-county. Wete offered a stake of Shs 10,000 to anyone who could successfully down 12 bottles of Kakasa Kombucha.

According to Michael Koyi, a resident and witness to the event, everything appeared to be proceeding smoothly until Welikhe reached the 8th bottle. Tragically, at that point, he suddenly collapsed, with disturbing symptoms like releasing foam from his mouth and nose.

Prompted by the alarming situation, concerned residents swiftly transported Welikhe to Lwakhakha Mercy Clinic desperately trying to save his life. However, the young man succumbed to his condition en route to the clinic.

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Wete and his accomplices have since fled the village and a manhunt is on for them.

Nicolas Soita, the LC III chairperson of Bukiabi sub-county, confirmed the incident and expressed their commitment to finding Augustus Wete and those responsible for organizing the fatal drinking challenge.

The gravity of the situation was evident as enraged locals left the deceased’s body at Wete’s residence, demanding justice, and threatened to kill him. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy are ongoing at the time of this report.