Harmonious Echoes: The rise of Ugandan musical duo, More Tyme

Harmonious Echoes: The rise of Ugandan musical duo, More Tyme
Ugandan musical duo More Tyme, Bx and Jim Siizer.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | More Tyme, the musical duo also recognized as Bx and Jim Siizer, is making waves in the Ugandan music scene, bringing their uplifting sounds to audiences under the guidance of Lot Fire Records. Lot Fire Records, an independent label dedicated to fostering new talent in Uganda and East Africa, has been instrumental in shaping the duo’s musical journey.

The pairing of Bx (born Ben Sserwadda) and Jim Siizer (born Nsobya James) creates a unique blend of genres, with Bx’s smooth RnB vocals complementing Jim Siizer’s infusion of reggae and dancehall vibes. Together, they deliver harmonious performances that inspire and uplift listeners.

The roots of this dynamic partnership trace back to Plan B Records, a recording studio in Mubende, where Bx and Jim Siizer first crossed paths. Their friendship deepened under the mentorship of Selecta Williams, a radio presenter on Mubende FM 106.0. This genuine connection laid the groundwork for their collaborative musical journey.

A turning point came when they participated in a music competition, catching the attention of Lot Fire Records. Recognizing their potential, the independent label, committed to nurturing emerging talents, provided More Tyme with a significant opportunity to flourish in the music industry.

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In 2023, the duo officially joined forces with Lot Fire Records, making a lasting impact on the Ugandan music scene with the release of their debut single, “Balage.”

This milestone not only marked a breakthrough for More Tyme but also positioned them as the trailblazing male musical duo to emerge from Uganda.

Their success serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians, encouraging them to pursue their dreams in the vibrant and diverse landscape of Ugandan music.