KCCA terminates 248 stages ahead of NAM and G77+ China summits

KCCA terminates 248 stages ahead of NAM and G77+ China summits

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has closed 248 commercial motorcycles (bodaboda) stages ahead of Non- Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+ China summits.

The KCCA Spokesperson, Daniel Muhumuza said bodaboda riders in Makindye and Central divisions are the most affected as they intend to ensure safe and swift movement of NAM and G77+ China summits.

The restricted roads in Makindye include Lukuli, Mobutu, Gaba, Prince Badru, Kakungulu, and others.

In the Central division, the restricted roads for bodaboda riders include Nile, Avenue, Parliamentary Avenue, George Street, Kafu, Ssezibwa and Yusuf Lule.

According to Muhumuza, bodaboda riders will however be allowed to use the restricted roads but should not be attempted to park anywhere on these roads.

Even after the NAM and G77+ China summits, KCCA has said Kampala will remain with only 425 bodaboda stages out of the current 51,893.

Out of 425 stages, Kampala Central will have 60, Kawempe will have 76, Nakawa 102, Lubaga 90 and 97 for Makindye.

NAM Summit traffic advisory

As part of ensuring a clean and safe city during NAM and G77+ China summits, KCCA has removed 259 children from the streets and taken them to Masuulita Children Centre for rehabilitation.

KCCA has also arrested 15 people who have allegedly been fueling street beggars. Muhumuza said they will soon appear in courts of law.

Godfrey Okobo, the operations officer for the fire directorate said 150 firefighters have been prepared to deal with any emergencies like fire outbreaks and road crashes. Okobo said the emergency command centre for emergencies has been set at Fire Directorate headquarters at Clock Tower.

Police Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson said over 4,000 delegates are expected in the country.

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Enanga added that they have deployed joint covert and overt security teams to deal with any criminal-minded gangs including terrorist acts.

“We have prepared for these summits for a while and we have a robust plan to secure the delegates from the Airport, to their Hotels and conference centre. We have air drones and other space surveillance mechanisms in place,” Enanga said.

Overall security command centre has been set at the National Closed Circuit Commander Centre at Naguru. Security has asked all Ugandans to remain friendly and work with security agencies to ensure the safety of everyone.