26-year-old man dies in drinking competition for Shs 10,000 prize

Man in Uganda dies after drinking 8 bottles of potent alcohol from Kenya

Namisindwa, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In Namisindwa district, a tragic incident unfolded as 26-year-old Wamoka Kusuya lost his life during a drinking competition held at Busulwa trading center. The competition, organized by local businessman Zeki, offered a cash prize of Shs 10,000 for the participant who could consume 20 bottles of the ‘Officer’ Kombucha drink, a Kenyan brand product.

Residing in Bushandu village, Bunambale parish, Tsekululu sub-county, Kusuya entered the drinking competition alongside others like Kiloton Kutosi, 25, and 27-year-old Wamutu. Unfortunately, Kusuya collapsed after consuming five bottles of the potent drink during the competition.

Efforts were made by residents to provide traditional first aid measures, including administering urine and raw eggs, but Kusuya’s condition deteriorated. He was hurriedly taken to Magale health centre III for treatment, yet tragically, he passed away on the way.

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Expressing remorse over the incident, Emma Bwayo, Namisindwa district youth male councillor, called on young people to redirect their energy into more constructive activities. Moses Waburoko, Tsekululu sub-county LC V, condemned the occurrence and urged youths to refrain from excessive food or drink consumption.

Namisindwa Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Julie Namara confirmed the incident and deployed police to prevent potential violence at the scene. Concerns arose regarding possible retaliation against Zeki, the competition organizer, prompting residents to place the deceased’s body at Zeki’s home.

Relatives considered this as a form of punishment, intending to bury the deceased there.