Molly Katanga charged, sent to Luzira for the murder of husband Henry Katanga

Molly Katanga charged, remanded to Luzira for the murder of husband Henry Katanga
Molly Katanga, the widow of slain businessman Henry Katanga, has been charged with the murder of her husband and remanded to Luzira Prison.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Molly Katanga, the wife of businessman Henry Katanga, has been formally charged with her husband’s murder at the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court and subsequently remanded to Luzira Prison.

Amidst tight security, Molly was presented in court, her head and hands bandaged, and her face partially covered by a mask. The Chief Magistrate, Erias Kakooza, heard that Molly Katanga allegedly shot her husband Henry Katanga dead with a pistol on November 2nd, 2023, at their residence in Mbuya Chwa II road, Nakawa Division, in Kampala.

Due to jurisdiction limitations, the court only communicated the charges, and the Prosecution, led by Jonathan Muwaganya, requested her commitment to the High Court for trial, asserting that investigations were complete. Molly Katanga, who had been wanted since early November 2023, was arrested and brought to court after an arrest warrant was issued by Chief Magistrate Kakooza.

A frail-looking Molly Katanga, the widow of deceased businessman Henry Katanga, wheeled to Nakawa Court where she was charged with murder and remanded to Luzira prison.

During the court proceedings, Molly’s lawyers, led by Peter Kabatsi, requested an order for continued medical attention for Molly, citing her five consecutive injuries. They also sought access to Molly’s home, which had been cordoned off since the incident. Mac Dusman Kabega, another lawyer, urged the court to instruct the police to vacate the premises.

Molly Katanga is set to face trial alongside her co-accused daughters, who have also been committed to the High Court on similar charges.

The Prosecution acknowledged the complexity of the security situation at the crime scene and requested time to consult with the Director of CID. Jonathan Muwaganya explained that the military was guarding the home on behalf of the home owners, and there was no police presence at the scene.

Magistrate Kakooza directed prison officers to ensure Molly Katanga’s access to medical care while in prison. He ruled that Molly’s family should not be blocked from accessing their home and remanded her to Luzira Prison until the High Court is ready to proceed with the trial.

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In related developments, the High Court Criminal Division Judge Isaac Muwata set the date for the bail application hearing for Molly’s co-accused persons on January 29th, 2024. This decision followed a ruling challenging the jurisdiction of the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court to handle the plea-taking of Molly’s co-accused.

The Nakawa Court has remanded Molly Katanga to Luzira Prison, marking a crucial step in the legal proceedings related to the murder of her husband, Henry Katanga, on November 2nd of last year.

Molly, along with her daughters Patricia Kakwanza and Martha Nkwanzi, faces charges of murder and destroying evidence, respectively. Two other individuals, Amanyire George and Charles Otai, are accused of being accessories to murder.

The prosecution’s case revolves around Molly allegedly shooting Henry Katanga on November 2nd, 2023. The daughters are accused of tampering with evidence, while Amanyire and Otai allegedly assisted in the crime.

The court plans to rely on postmortem reports, forensic analyses, phone printouts, and scene-of-crime reports as evidence in the trial, aiming to prove Molly’s guilt and potentially secure the highest punishment for murder, which is death, if she is found guilty.