Bududa residents refuse to relocate despite mudslides threat

Mudslides in Bududa
The rains that have pounded Mount Elgon have devastated several homes resulting to mudslides. Photo by Andrew Green.

Mbale, Uganda | URN | Residents of Bukhabusi and Busai parishes in Bududa Sub County have refused to relocate despite warnings of mudslides in the area. The two parishes comprise 23 villages.

Currently water has collected in a deep valley after heavy downpour and flowing underground which is forcing land to develop cracks.

But residents who our reporter spoke to say they have nowhere to go and are ready to  take the risks.

Amina Namwano, a mother of 10 and a resident of Busai Parish said the government should just come and see what people are going through instead of telling them to relocate. Namwano said she has many children to take care of and is not ready to start moving them to the neighborhood.

Apollo Mukhwana, another resident and pastor said they will remain in the area as they pray because God is everything. He said when they relocate, they are going to suffer more because there is no food for them to start with when they move.

Rose Wambewo, 80-years old, said instead of leaving her husband’s grave she is determined to remain home. She said the government has always neglected them since 2017 when they promised to relocate them.

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Paul Khatondi, the Local Council 3 chairperson blamed the government for not responding in time even after several notifications. He said they have nothing much to do as a sub county but need more efforts from the district and central government if they are to save the lives of their people from the mudslides.

Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi, the Bududa district chairman, asked the people to relocate as they continue asking the government to intervene.  This comes at a time when the office of the Prime Minister abolished camps saying they take more money than resettlement. They asked the affected residents to seek refuge from the nearest schools and relatives who are in safer places.