NIRA starts recruitment of registrars ahead of national IDs mass enrollment

NIRA starts recruitment of registrars ahead of national IDs mass enrollment
Rosemary Kisembo, the Executive Director of NIRA.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The Uganda National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) has disclosed its aim to register between 17 and 18 million Ugandans lacking National Identification Cards in the upcoming mass enrollment and renewal initiative for National IDs.

Scheduled for June this year, the mass enrollment and renewal operation will span 10,717 parishes nationwide, targeting the substantial number of individuals without National Identification Cards. NIRA currently holds records for 27 million registered individuals who have been issued National Identification Numbers.

Rosemary Kisembo, the Executive Director of NIRA, outlined that the ten-month registration drive will prioritize individuals aged around 16 years, streamlining the processing of the Voters Register.

Additionally, an Iris will be incorporated into the biometric data collection, recognizing the limitations of fingerprint and facial requirements, especially in cases of physical alterations.

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Recruitment for personnel involved in the registration, including Registration Assistants and Data Processors, is set to commence this week across all parishes.

Kisembo emphasized that recruits must be residents of the areas where they will be operating, ensuring familiarity with local information and facilitating the effective execution of the registration exercise.

“Those people will be conversant with information and the people who are within the areas, the information that were providing the officers who are working on the exercise,” says Kisembo.