Museveni’s meeting with Ruto, Odinga: A blueprint for Kenya-Uganda relations

Museveni’s meeting with Ruto, Odinga: A blueprint for Kenya-Uganda relations
President William Ruto, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and ODM leader Raila Odinga having a discussion in Uganda at Museveni's Kisozi country home in Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, his Kenyan counterpart President William Ruto, and ODM leader Raila Odinga engaged in discussions during their meeting in Uganda, as depicted in photos shared by Ruto on social media.

The trio deliberated on various topics, including Mr.Odinga’s candidacy for the African Union Commission chairmanship. Ruto’s statement highlighted conversations about shared concerns such as energy and petroleum between the two countries.

“Had the pleasure of meeting President Yoweri Museveni at his Kisozi country home in Uganda. We discussed critical issues that affect our two countries such as energy and petroleum,” Ruto said.

“Also discussed was the declared candidacy of Kenya’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the Africa Union Commission chairmanship,” he added.

President William Ruto (grey suit), Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni (white shirt), and ODM leader Raila Odinga looking after cows at Museveni’s Kisozi country home in Uganda.

Raila Odinga, expressing his interest in the AUC chairmanship on February 15, signaled a potential series of visits to African nations seeking support for his candidacy.

Raila on February 15 declared his interest in the AUC chairmanship seat saying he was ready for the role.

Following talks with Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who reportedly played a role in resolving anti-Ruto protests by the Azimio coalition, Raila affirmed his readiness to take on the challenge.

President Ruto’s government has committed to supporting Raila to clinch the African Union Commission chairmanship seat.

“I am inclined to accept the challenge and I am ready and I offer myself to be of service,” Raila said after holding talks with Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo at his Karen home.

Museveni, their host, is known to be a pastorilst, who often spends his free time looking after his cattle.

Acknowledging the importance of mother country backing for AUC chairmanship candidates, Ruto assured that Kenya’s government is committed to supporting Raila in securing the position.

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The opposition had sustained protests against the Ruto regime, a move that caused instability which is a key ingredient for economic growth.

President William Ruto, his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni and ODM leader Raila Odinga on Monday held talks in Uganda.

For one to be a candidate for the seat,  the person must have the backing of his or her mother country.

The three leaders having a discussion at a grazing field looking after cows.

Ruto emphasized the mutual dedication of Kenya and Uganda to strengthening diplomatic and economic ties, with a focus on uniting the East African Community nations toward the goal of establishing the East African Federation.