Ssenyonyi blasts Among to confront corruption claims, stop using gay talk as diversion

Ssenyonyi blasts Among to confront corruption claims, stop using gay talk as diversion
The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Joel Ssenyonyi (Left) has challenged the Speaker of Parliament Anita Among (Right) to stop hiding corruption behind homosexuality talk.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Joel Ssenyonyi, has advised Speaker Anita Among against using discussions about homosexuality as a means to avoid addressing allegations of corruption and misconduct within the legislative body.

Mr. Ssenyonyi emphasized that those demanding accountability are not solely are not homosexuals, but rather Ugandan taxpayers seeking transparency regarding the use of public funds.

In response to Speaker Among’s assertion that the social media campaign is a backlash for Parliament’s enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, Mr. Ssenyonyi countered, “Madam Speaker, please spare us from hiding behind the issue of homosexuality. Are you suggesting that Ugandans demanding accountability for their money are homosexuals? Let us be serious.”

The Leader of the Opposition’s outspoken stance against the Speaker has given the public a semblance of victory given that over the last two years, many Members of Parliament have avoided confronting Ms. Among’s opinion.

Mr. Ssenyonyi urged Speaker Among to refrain from deflecting accountability, clarifying that the discussion did not revolve around homosexuality.

He stressed that Ugandans are seeking clarity on financial transparency matters and encouraged her to tackle these concerns directly without evasion.

“Ugandans are demanding an account of this money, so stop pretending that it’s about personal preferences. It doesn’t matter whether people like you or not. What matters is that you hold a public office and are misusing their money,” said Ssenyonyi.

He noted a noticeable silence from the institution regarding the raised concerns and underscored the Parliament’s purported commitment to being people-centered.

Mr. Ssenyonyi urged the Speaker to address the Parliament’s prolonged silence over the past three months, despite the proliferation of corruption and abuse of office allegations on social media.

He emphasized that the Parliament has consistently championed itself as a people-centered entity, dedicated to principles of accountability, representation, democracy, and good governance for the advancement of all Ugandans.

In response, Speaker Among pledged not to entertain the allegations within the Parliament, dismissing them as “hearsay.”

“The Institution has remained silent in the face of the concerns raised by the people, despite being a people-centered Parliament,” Mr. Ssenyonyi said.

However, Speaker Among expressed her refusal to address the allegations, dismissing them as fabricated by individuals who oppose her stance on homosexuality.

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“I will not respond to hearsay or rumors. We will not govern this House based on rumors. I will not entertain your claims cooked up on social media because I have chosen not to engage in unethical practices,” Ms. Among stated.

Mr. Ssenyonyi expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Parliament has handled the recent wave of allegations.

“I have witnessed the Parliament’s spokesperson confirming some allegations on various TV and radio stations, acknowledging that some are partially correct while others are exaggerated,” he noted.

He emphasised that it is pointless for Parliament to boast about being a people-centered institution while failing to comprehensively and unequivocally address the concerns and provide an account to the people of Uganda.

In recent weeks, Parliament has faced scrutiny due to the “UgandaParliamentExhibition” social media campaign, which exposed several high-ranking leaders and legislators for their involvement in questionable financial transactions.