Speaker Among announces 5-year vehicle renewal for former Speakers

Speaker Among announces 5-year vehicle renewal for former Speakers
Notable recipients of these vehicles every five years include Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Rebecca Kadaga, and Prof. Edward Rugumayo.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has announced that former Speakers will receive new vehicles every five years, with the associated expenses, including fuel, maintenance, and driver salaries, covered by Ugandan taxpayers.

“You will be required to bring your own driver, who we will recruit as Parliamentary staff. The car remains a property of Government of Uganda and Parliament will maintain and fuel these cars,” Speaker Anita Among said at the handover at Parliament on Monday 18th, December 2023.

She added that, “Parliament will after every 5 years be giving you a new car. Or in between when the car gets a problem, you will bring it back and we give you a new car. You are property of Government of Uganda, so we are supposed to look after you.” 

Parliament of Uganda had earlier in 2007, passed the Parliamentary Pensions Act which conferred some retirement benefits to retired Speakers effective from the date of assent of the Act in 2007. The retired Speakers were entitled to pension, gratuity, chauffer driven car, medical care, security, and domestic staff. However, the Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Parliaments prior to 2007, were left out.

The Parliamentary Commission chaired by Among initiated an amendment to the Parliamentary Pensions Act 2022 to extend pension benefits to all retired Speakers effective the year 1980.

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The recent enactment of the Parliamentary Pensions Act expanded the beneficiaries to include all Speakers who served Uganda since 1979 and thus entitling; President Museveni, Chairman of NRC 1896-1996, Edward Rugumayo Speaker and Chairman NCC from 1979-19 80, Francis Butagira 1980-1985, Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Vice Chairman NRC 1986-1996, Edward Ssekandi 1998-2001 Deputy Speaker and Speaker of 7th and 8th Parliament, to these cars every five years. 

The brand new official cars gifted to former Speakers of Parliament.

The families of the late James Wapakhabulo,  Francis Ayume, and Alexander Waibale who died before the enactment of the Parliamentary Pensions Act of 2007 will also be honoured.

“It is always good to appreciate people when they are still alive, you did a lot for this country and continuing to do a lot for this country. You have contributed a lot to this country. We don’t want at the time when you are no more, everybody is paying tribute and talking all the good things about you. As the 11th Parliament, we thought it wise to appreciate you when you are still alive,” Anita Among, the current Speaker said.

The event was attended by Prof. Rugumayo, Speaker of the National Consultative Council which was the Third Parliament of Uganda after Independence;  Amb. Butagira, Speaker of the Fourth Parliament of Uganda;  Alhaji Kigongo, Deputy Speaker of the National Resistance Council which was the Fifth Parliament of Uganda and Ssekandi, Speaker of the Seventh and Eighth Parliaments of Uganda and former Vice President of Uganda.