Seven suspects in shocking Kenya gang rape video arrested

Seven suspects arrested in shocking Kenya gang-rape video

Bomet, Kenya | By Michael Wandati | Kenya police have arrested seven individuals suspected of involvement in the gang rape of a woman that happened in Chebanyi village, western Bomet county last December.

The arrests came after a video depicting the assault circulated on social media, sparking outrage.

The footage, trending on social media as “Sigor Boys”, shows several men in a dimly lit room taking turns to sexually assault a woman, who is heard screaming for help.

The video has shocked the country, with many calling for justice to the unidentified woman.

Bomet Police Commander Robinson Ndiwa confirmed that two of the suspects have been positively identified from the video.

“We have arrested the seven suspects but the incident occurred last December,” Ndiwa said. Adding; “We are now looking for the woman because she did not report the matter to the police so that she can assist us with the investigations.”

After the video surfaced online, law enforcement, along with local authorities and community elders, conducted an operation leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Two individuals were positively identified, and efforts to apprehend additional suspects are underway, according to police sources.

The authorities stated their intention to present the suspects in court and seek an extension of their detention as investigations continue.

“The suspects have been placed in police custody for interrogation and miscellaneous application to enhance further investigation,” he said.

Myoot Council of Elders chairman Richard Ngeno condemned the act saying that the offenders should face the wrath of the law.

“It is unacceptable for the young people to engage in such incidents. We are advising the youths to avoid engaging in activities that are against the law,” he said.

He warned the youths to be wary of content they watch in social media saying that if unchecked it can lead the youth to engage in drugs and sex abuse.

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The incident which happened in December 2023 has been condemned online with many calling for stringent measures to address such incidents.

More detectives were sent to the area to pursue the matter.

Gang rape attracts a life sentence in Kenya.

The law says any person who commits the offence of rape or defilement in association with another or others, or any person who, with common intention is in the company of another or others who commit the offence of rape or defilement is guilty of an offence termed gang rape.

They are therefore said to be liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than 15 years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life.