How Ssabanyala Kimeze survived lynching by family members

How Ssabanyala Kimeze survived lynching by family members

Kayunga, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The swearing-in ceremony of ministers from Bunyala took an unexpected turn as Ssabanyala, Maj (Rtd) Baker Kimeze narrowly escaped lynching by his own family members.

The ceremony, held at the Ssabanyala palace in Kyerima, faced objections from relatives who argued that it should have taken place at the family home rather than the palace.

Amid the ensuing altercation, newly appointed chiefdom ministers were assaulted, and some were driven away by the unruly family members of Maj (Rtd) Baker Kimeze, likened to chicken thieves.

The ceremony, intended for the swearing-in of over 93 Ssabanyala ministers, left invited guests shocked as they were barred from entering the courtyard by Ssabanyala’s relatives.

The Ssabanyala, Rtd MajBaker Kimeze.

“The ceremony has been stopped because this is not a palace. The so called Ssabanyala, Baker Kimeze sold the family land and vanished with Shs 5 billion,” said Joshua Lukyamuzi Mpagi, one of the relatives.

In response to the escalating situation, law enforcement resorted to deploying tear gas, yet the relatives persisted in causing disruption, even resorting to stripping naked in front of their brother, Maj (Rtd) Baker Kimeze, the cultural leader of the Banyala Chiefdom.

Police intervention ultimately provided an opportunity for Ssabanyala to flee from the scene.

A chaotic scene at Kimeze’s return.

Led by Lukyamuzi, the relatives expressed their frustration, indicating that they had been attempting to locate their brother Maj (Rtd) Baker Kimeze to address his unilateral sale of family land without consultation.

Despite their efforts, which included reaching out to high-ranking government officials, the family’s attempts to communicate with Kimeze proved futile.

Public Service Minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa, slated as the chief guest, did not attend the event. Instead, he halted at a hotel in Kayunga and returned to Kampala disappointed.

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Mpagi explained that their presence was not intended to disrupt the ceremony but rather to seek clarification from Ssabanyala regarding the disposition of their portion following the sale of land spanning over 1000 acres at Nabityanka village in Bbale county, Kayunga district.

Emphasizing that their concern lies with the sale of property under unclear circumstances rather than Ssabanyala’s position, Sebunya Nathan Mpagi, Kimeze’s elder brother, asserted that Kimeze lacks the authority to sell inherited land as he is not responsible for managing the family estates.

Derrick Kaddu, the Chiefdom information minister, stated that the unfortunate incident at the palace is being exacerbated by Mengo, a politician from Kayunga district. Kaddu affirmed the Banyala’s autonomy, declaring their intention to proceed with the swearing-in of their leaders next month.