Enumerator arrested over loss of census tablet

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Luwero, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In Luwero district, authorities have arrested an enumerator in connection with the disappearance of a tablet meant for census data collection of the census exercise that started on Thursday 9, May 2024 night.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has deployed 1,532 enumerators and 192 supervisors in Luwero district for the National Population Census, that started today May 10, 2024 countrywide. Each enumerator has been equipped with a tablet to facilitate the recording of resident data during the census.

However, shortly after the commencement of the exercise, a tablet designated for enumerating residents of Kikube village in Luwero sub-county was reported stolen.

According to Richard Ssimbwa, the LC 3 Chairperson of Luwero sub-county, the tablet allegedly disappeared from the home of the enumerator residing in Bukalasa zone, Wobulenzi town, overnight.

Ssimbwa stated that the incident has been reported to the Police and district authorities to either recover the tablet or provide a replacement to ensure the smooth progress of the census.

John Ojokuna, the Luwero District Police Commander, confirmed that following the report from sub-county leadership, Marvis Wamuzigo, the enumerator for the village, was detained for questioning regarding the circumstances of the tablet’s disappearance.

Ojokuna further informed that Wamuzigo is currently held at Luwero Central Police Station while investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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Richard Bwabye, the Luwero Resident District Commissioner (RDC), emphasized that enumerators have been advised to store all census-related equipment at nearby Police Stations if lacking adequate home security to prevent instances of government property theft.

While Luwero District and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics are yet to provide official comments on the matter, local authorities have indicated plans to replace Wamuzigo and the missing tablet to ensure the census proceeds according to schedule.

Additionally, Luwero district and UBOS have enlisted 36 reserve enumerators in readiness for any emergencies.

Across the country, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has enlisted 114,460 enumerators and 18,483 supervisors to oversee the census exercise set to commence the following day.