Residents exchange National IDs for local brew Waragi in northern Uganda


Agago, Uganda | URN | Local residents of Tenge parish in Geregere Sub County, Agago district in Northern Uganda have been accused of bartering their National Identity Cards (IDs) in exchange for crude alcohol.

The Olube Central village LCI Chairperson Vincent Too-Obineka tell this publication of a growing wave of complaints being raised against residents particularly men that have resorted to bartering their national identity cards for crude local potent waragi.

According to Too-Obineka, recently some bar owners petitioned his office while presenting a consignment of IDs seeking his interventions to recover their dues from debtors who reportedly barter their identification documents in exchange for alcohol.

He says some of those implicated for getting booze using their IDs have themselves been shamefully exposed when they seek recommendation letters in lieu of their identity cards which they claim got lost, only to find that their vital documents are with the authorities to whom they were handed over by beer sellers.

Too-Obineka condemned the act, cautioning residents to desist from exhibiting such tendencies saying once lost, the process of replacement for an identity card is not only tedious but also expensive and deprives one access to enormous government programs.

Martin Odoch, the Geregere Sub County Chairperson, castigated this booming trade saying he will implore council to pass a bylaw  to curb the vice and warns residents to desist from the rampant consumption of alcohol.

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Odoch explains that most domestic violence cases and some deaths in the sub county are caused by rampant consumption of alcohol.

An official of the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) Agago branch who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity condemns the conduct saying the possession of a national identity card by another person except the owner is illegal and criminal.

The source notes that it is important for members of the public to cherish keeping their national IDs since the document doesn’t only help citizens for identification purposes but is vital in access to social services.