Dr Kizza Besigye rallies youth to join anonymous network as part of ‘Plan B’

Kizza Besigye
Dr Kizza Besigye

Fort Portal, Uganda | URN | The former President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has rallied the youth in Fort Portal to join Plan B- his other strategy to oust the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)  party following many unsuccessful attempts to oust the regime through elections.

Dr Besigye was speaking at a late-night online rally in Bukwali village to launch campaigns for Fort Portal City Central FDC parliamentary candidate Ajuna Daka. He said that while some members of his group are to participate in the election, he is currently re-organizing his earlier formed Power 10 group to influence change.

The Power 10 group which is part of his popular Plan B strategy was launched before the 2016 election which involved having ten mobilisers at every parish to campaign and guard their votes. Now, this group, Dr Besigye said, split into two with one group having known leaders that are supposed to guard the FDC vote and an anonymous group which will be swinging into action soon. 

He, however, didn’t reveal what exactly this action will be although he urged supporters to look out for those groups in their parishes and join them. 

This was Dr Besigye’s first public appearance for a political function since he announced that he wasn’t going to participate in 2021 general election. In his usual rhetoric, he said the regime change can’t happen in Uganda through an election that’s why he this time gave a chance for others to participate.

He, however, noted that while he believes an election will not cause change, he is not encouraging anyone to use the gun to cause unnecessary loss of lives.  

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On his part, however, Ajuna who is a second-time contender for a parliamentary seat said the ground for campaigning is not levelled having already engaged in running battles with the police as he was returning from nominations on Thursday 15th, October 2020. 

While other candidates easily drove through town waving at their supporters, the police fired teargas at him in addition to deploying at his home in Bukwali. Ajuna is the first candidate in Fort Portal and the whole of Kabarole district to vie for MP on an FDC ticket.