We want a civilian president, Nakaseke residents tell Gen. Muntu

Gen. Mugisha Muntu on his campaign trail in Nakaseke district

Nakaseke, Uganda | URN | Residents of Nakaseke district have told the Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] presidential candidate Gen. Gregg Mugisha Muntu that they are tired of voting military leaders.

Security forces in Uganda are currently under the spotlight over brutality while enforcing COVID-19 guidelines and dispersing protests. The recent protests following the arrest of Robert Kyagulanyi, the National Unity Platform [NUP] presidential candidate left scores of people dead and injured.

While campaigning at Kiwoko town council on Tuesday 1, December 2020, Gen. Muntu asked the residents to vote President Museveni out of power for failure to instill discipline in the armed forces.

Gen. Muntu said that residents of Nakaseke joined President Yoweri Museveni in the bush war of 1981-1986 to bring peace, equality, democracy, and respect of human rights among others but he has digressed them all.

Gen. Muntu added that the brutality exhibited by security forces recently is a clear indication that the country is at a crossroad and President Museveni can’t save the situation because he also uses force to retain power.

However, residents told Gen. Muntu that they were skeptical whether as a soldier, he wouldn’t do the same if elected as president.

Hassan Katumba, the LCI chairman of Nakaseta zone in Kiwoko town challenged General Muntu to explain how he will be different from Museveni since he is also a soldier.

Katumba says that they have lost hope in soldiers for overstaying in power and using the power of the gun to violate human rights.

Samuel Kalyesubula said that they have lost trust in soldiers and now they want a civilian president who can rein on security forces.

But Gen. Muntu responded by saying he has a good record in leadership and with no intention to make mistakes like those committed by Mr Museveni.

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Gen. Muntu added that someone to cling to power or terrorize civilians is within his personal qualities of leadership. Gen. Muntu cited civilian presidents whom he said terrorized Ugandans.

Nakaseke is an NRM stronghold and it was an epicentre for the National Resistance Army War of 1981-1986. In 2016, Mr Museveni obtained 76.2% against Dr. Kizza Besigye’s 21.2 % of 64,557 total votes cast for Presidential polls in the district.