Nobert Mao urges Museveni to handover power peacefully

Nobert Mao wants Museveni to peacefully handover power

Jinja, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Constitutional Affairs Minister Norbert Mao, also the President of the Democratic Party (DP), has issued a challenge to President Yoweri Museveni, urging him to lead the way in a peaceful transfer of power.

During his visit to Jinja city to lead DP grassroots mobilization efforts over the weekend, Mao emphasized that Uganda has never experienced a peaceful transition of power, with each change resulting in bloodshed, hindering the nation’s progress. He highlighted the importance of Mr. Museveni breaking away from the patterns established by his predecessors.

Nobert Mao acknowledged that Mr. Museveni takes pride in his role in the country’s economic transformation across various sectors of life. He suggested that if Mr. Museveni were to advocate for a peaceful transfer of power, the younger generation could easily build upon this legacy.

Mao noted that, while Ugandans appreciate the current stability in the country, they also desire a peaceful change of leadership, which Museveni has the opportunity to oversee. This change would not only help solidify his legacy for future generations but also protect the country’s ongoing development efforts during his leadership.

Nobert Mao emphasized that Uganda’s political upheavals in 1971, 1979, 1985, and 1986 had adverse effects on the country, both domestically and internationally. This experience has motivated him to actively engage in peaceful power transition processes, and he called for support not only from DP but from all Ugandans worldwide to realize this important goal.

Nobert Mao also noted that while some political parties are focusing on electoral processes, DP is involved in negotiations. He believes that if their voices are heard, these negotiations could lead to a sustainable change in power that benefits all Ugandans.

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Furthermore, Mao urged Museveni to address prevailing social issues such as corruption and tribalism, which he believes are hindering the country’s overall growth. He pointed out that some individuals within the government misuse their power to deprive the majority of Ugandans of their fair share of the national resources in various aspects.

In the same context, Ismael Kiirya, the President of the Uganda Young Democrats, encouraged all young people in the country to redirect their efforts toward gaining meaningful skills. This would enable them to actively participate in the struggle for a peaceful change of power without resorting to violence.