Bobi Wine Protests: Woman loses 3 unborn babies, 3 others rotting at home with gunshot wounds

Ugandan presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine in a police vehicle following his arrest in Luuka district, eastern Uganda November 18, 2020.

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Three patients with bullets wounds sustained from the November 18-19 riots following the arrest of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, and one who was knocked by a speeding police car last week are in urgent need of medical help and are seeking government rescue.

Justine Namabo, Shamim Nabirye, 26, and Shakira Nyemera, 28, were taken to hospital but after having the bullets removed from their bodies, they were sent home and their gunshot wounds are not being attended to by qualified personnel.

Meanwhile, Jalia Namutebi was knocked by a speeding police car, which was driving on the wrong side of the road on Wednesday 2nd, December 2020.

After the accident, she was rushed to a nearby clinic in Nateete where police came and took her to Mulago national referral hospital. She was bleeding from head and limbs. 

Namutebi, was briefly attended to by the medical personnel at Mulago but after some days she says she was asked to pay Shs 1.5 million for her to undergo an operation.

Because Namutebi did not have the money at hand, she was discharged from her hospital bed and is currently languishing in pain in the corridors of Mulago National Referral  Hospital causality ward since Saturday 5, 2020.

Shamim Nabirye, 26 and Shakira Nyemera, 28, who are sisters and both residents of Banda in Kampala were shot at by security personnel aboard a speeding security double cabin pickup car as they stood on the roadside to watch last month’s riots which led to the death of nearly 70 people, over 1,000 arrested and about 150 injured.

Shamim Nabirye, who was then five months pregnant, was shot with live bullets, leading to an operation that had her three unborn babies removed, in order for her to survive at Mulago hospital.

Enid Kabagambe, the mother of the two Nabirye, and Nyemera, says they have been discharged from Mulago hospital, without healing properly and need more medical attention, counselling for trauma and compensation.

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Nabirye is asking the government to fulfil its promise and compensate her for her lost unborn babies and injuries as she was not rioting. For Namambo, she was hit by a stray bullet at Seeta trading centre while travelling in a taxi from Kampala and is currently admitted at Mulago hospital.

Fred Enanga, the Uganda police spokesperson says the incidents concerning the victims occurred while they were trying to overcome protesters in the wake of riots. He says this inconvenienced many innocent Ugandans, whose property was stolen and some injured with blunt objects.